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By building relationships with relevant people, brands and companies on Twitter, you can increase the exposure of your tweets and win many new followers.

“You scratch my back, then I scratch yours” principle is very much in force on Twitter. Are you starting to follow an account on Twitter or retweeter an entry, you will likely find that this starts to follow you or maybe retweeter some of your posts in return. Now you are suddenly visible for all this account follows crowd, and thus have the chance to recruit many new followers.

You should of course only follow the accounts and retweet the posts that are relevant to your business or your product. Others will give your account a frivolous image and confusing for your followers. At the same time, you know that this way you will be exposed to a follow crowd who already have an interest in the field you tweet about.

  • examples

VisitCopenhagen follows a wide range of travel bloggers, cultural institutions and major events in Copenhagen, which all can contribute with interesting and relevant content, and if users simultaneously at large interested in the tourism industry. Many of these will also VisitCopenhagen.


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